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Release a record, break a record? Mar. 28, 2007

Magnet on a PLANE
Magnet serenades passengers on the way to Iceland [from Dagsavisen]

To commemorate the release of his new album, The Simple Life, Magnet played 40,000 feet in the air on the way from Oslo to Reykjavik, breaking the record for highest concert ever performed. Watch video footage at kjendis.no, VG, and Aftenposten.

The Simple Life is currently available in Norway or online at CDplanet and CDON.COM. Check out the latest reviews (all in Norwegian):

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new media, radio appearances Mar. 19, 2006

Magnet at SXSW
photo taken by ldandersen

Check out these SXSW photos on flickr. There are also new photos taken at The Troubadour on the photos page (thanks Brian).

Read Rewritable Content’s review of Magnet at the Hotel Cafe. There are also some videos on YouTube:

erin1027: 3/14, Hotel Cafe, Magnet performing Nothing Hurts Now, Believe, and Where Happiness Lives.

Minnesota Public Radio caught up with magnet at SXSW. Listen to the interview and performance online. Stayed tuned for an upcoming appearance on WXPN’s World Cafe!

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tour reviews, photos, and video Mar. 6, 2006

Fans have been putting up lots of great media from Magnet’s North American tour so far. Check it out:



Magnet at Webster Hall
photo taken by pressta


peterparker86: 2/24, Washington DC / Black Cat

slapchar: 2/25, NYC / Webster Hall

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Japanese tour photos and reviews Nov. 17, 2005

Smashing Mag has a set of live Magnet photos in Shibuya. There’s more information about the show at I Think So and reiri55’s blog (in Japanese).

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UK press Aug. 31, 2005

Blueyonder named “The Tourniquet” album of the week. Also check out MSN’s review of “The Tourniquet” and Channel 4’s pleasant chat with Magnet where he talks about horses and raw onions.

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new reviews + contest Aug. 30, 2005

Here are some recent reviews for “The Tourniquet”:

Enter NME’s contest to win a signed Magnet guitar! Way to Blue is also giving away signed artwork and albums.

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new reviews for "The Tourniquet" Aug. 21, 2005

Checked out some new reviews for “The Tourniquet” from The Sun and The Critic. Click here to read more reviews.

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New reviews Aug. 19, 2005

Read the Evening Standard’s review of Magnet’s preformance last night at 93 Feet East in “Norway the warm way”.

The Gay Times reviews “The Tourniquet”. For all reviews, visit the press section.

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UK press + upcoming London show Aug. 14, 2005

press clippings

Check out the latest press from the UK:

Time Out and The Evening Standard recommend seeing Magnet perform in London next Wednesday at 93 Feet East. The show is sold out, so we hope you have your tickets!

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Øyafestivalen reviews & photos Aug. 12, 2005

Check out these reviews and photos from this week’s Øyafestivalen:

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more Tourniquet reviews Jun. 2, 2005

More reviews for The Tourniquet are up at Tønsbergs Blad (4/6) and Varden (4/6).

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more Tourniquet articles May. 31, 2005

A review for The Tourniquet is up at TV2.no (5/6) and Neste Klikk has an interview with Even. Check out the press section for all of the album reviews.

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Tourniquet review May. 29, 2005

A review for The Tourniquet (out on Monday in Norway) is up at VG Nett (5/6). There are also features about Magnet at VG Nett and Aftenposten.

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live review May. 4, 2005

BT.no reviews Magnet at Bergenfest, giving him 5/6.

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free concert + live review Apr. 29, 2005

This Saturday, April 30th, Magnet will perform in a free concert at Torgallmenningen in Bergen, Norway. Visit bt.no for more information.

Utropia.no gives Magnet a 5 for his April 24th concert in Tromsø.

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“On Your Side” review Jan. 30, 2005

Entertainment website TransformOnline features a review of On Your Side:

Magnet (aka Even Johansen) is a respected and successful artist/producer in his native country of Norway, but here in the States he has so far been an underground‘s underground secret. He released a solo album under his real name on Five One Inc. a few years ago, but On Your Side aims to be his first real entry into the American musical marketplace. Good thing, cuz the album contains the best songs he’s written so far.

Read the full review at TransformOnline.

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Viper Room review Jan. 21, 2005

The latest issue of Tastes Like Chicken features a review of Magnet’s performance at the Viper Room last December in LA:

Magnet’s ethereal lullabies enveloped the crowd into a cozy blanket of floating, intimate sounds and created a romantically profound environment where each person wasn’t just hearing the music, but rather feeling it as it whispered itself through the transoms of their minds.

Read more at Tastes Like Chicken.

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Troubadour review Jan. 20, 2005

Usounds has just posted this review of Magnet’s performance last December at Troubadour in LA:

Sometimes opening acts at the Troubadour are victims of the LA “talking about nothing interesting while the band is playing syndrome” but this wasn’t the case for most of the Magnet show. Either the crowd was hypnotized by the raw power a single vocalist with an accoustic and lapsteel guitar, or they were just big Magnet fans.

Read more at usounds.

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Impose Magazine’s top records of 2004 Dec. 27, 2004

Diana Yee of Impose Magazine listed "On Your Side" as #1 of the top 5 albums of the year:

Finally making a US debut, Norwegian singer/musician Even (pronounced "Evan") Johansen brings a batch of fresh new sound that I haven’t heard in a while – especially for a solo act (aside from maybe British singer/musician Tom McRae, who has a completely different style from this guy). It’s hard to come by a release with such depth and meaning that one can connect to, and with so much bad music out there it makes Magnet’s release the lost golden ticket.

View other contributors’ lists at Impose Magazine.

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Loftet review + photo Dec. 24, 2004

Askøyværingen has a review and photo of Magnet’s performance at Loftet on December 17th.

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"Minus EP" review Dec. 17, 2004

Read Fædrelandsvennen’s Minus EP review (4/6).

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"Minus EP" reviews Dec. 9, 2004

Panorama.no reviews “Minus EP” and gives it 5/6. There are two more reviews for the EP from NRK’s Musikkmisjonen.

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Tromsø concert article Dec. 4, 2004

There’s an article about Magnet’s performance in Tromsø at Utopia.com (written by Erik, who also took those photos).

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"Minus EP" reviews Dec. 2, 2004

Ba.no gives the Minus EP 5/6; read their review. There’s another review at aftenposten.no.

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thestranger.com "On Your Side" review Dec. 1, 2004

TheStranger.com has reviewed "On Your Side":

On his second album, Magnet (AKA Norwegian Evan Johansen) has refined his sound, taking an appealing step forward from his previous folktronica aesthetic. On Your Side showcases more intricate samples than his debut, hinting at moments of Notwist or Four Tet. The electronic accents don’t feel merely ornamental but are imbedded in compositions formed around serious pop craftsmanship.

Read the full review.

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