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New Album Coming Out December 2 Nov. 21, 2011

Magnet’s new album, Ferrofluid, is coming out next Friday, December 2, in Norway. It’s available for pre-order at cdon.no (Rest-of-Europe site: cdon.eu) on CD (149 kr) and vinyl (199 kr). Platekompaniet also lists a deluxe CD (299 kr) version. Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Doldrum Days
  2. Sister Sorrow
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Stay – with Hilde Marie Kjersem
  5. Homecoming Queen
  6. Fireflies
  7. Pussyfoot
  8. Nemesis
  9. Together
  10. Reprizer

You can listen to the album’s first single, “Doldrum Days,” on Myspace and Spotify (and buy it on iTunes). You can listen to the album’s second single, “Stay” (a Shakespeare’s Sister cover) on Soundcloud.

As for what the heck ferrofluid is, Wikipedia says it’s “a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.” It can do cool shizz like this.

There’s a new official Magnet website in the works, finally! Still under construction, but here you go: magnetmusic.no. Also check out the official Facebook and Myspace pages for new stuff.

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The Simple Life out now in the US Sep. 19, 2007

The Simple Life is now available for purchase in all major music stores in the US

Buy THE SIMPLE LIFE now on iTunes

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New album, The Simple Life Mar. 1, 2007

The Simple Life
“The Simple Life”

Magnet’s latest album, The Simple Life, will be released in Norway on March 26, 2007. Listen to two new tracks, “Lonely No More” and “Navigator”, at Magnet’s myspace page.

Album tracklisting:

  1. The Gospel Song
  2. You Got Me
  3. Lonely No More
  4. Count
  5. She’s Gone
  6. A Little Happier
  7. Navigator
  8. The Simple Life
  9. Slice Of Heaven
  10. Volatile
  11. Lucid

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SPIN feature, The Tourniquet US release Feb. 13, 2006

Magnet is Spin’s band of the Day. Read the article and be sure to vote for him!

In bigger news, the US release of The Tourniquet is available in-stores nationally tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14th with bonus track “This Bird Can Never Fly”, not available on any other import releases.

Magnet plans on touring the US and Canada starting next week with Stars on the east coast and Isobel Campbell on the west coast. Check out all of his upcoming tour dates. An exclusive HOLD ON tour 6 Track EP will be available ONLY at these shows.

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US release of "The Tourniquet" Nov. 4, 2005

Magnet’s latest album “The Tourniquet” will be available in the US on iTunes on November 15th and in stores on February 14, 2006.

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New single confirmed Oct. 12, 2005

The first commercial single release from “The Tourniquet” album is “Fall At Your Feet”. It’s released in UK on Nov 14th b/w exclusive new track “This Bird Can Never Fly”. The release will come on Ltd Edition 7″ vinyl and CDSingle. Don’t forget Magnet is on tour this week in the UK with Engineers!

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"The Tourniquet" UK release Aug. 22, 2005

“The Tourniquet” comes out in the UK today! You can buy the album online from amazon.co.uk, hmv.co.uk, and iTunes.

The Sunday Times names the album “Pop CD of the Week”! Click here to read the review [more reviews].

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UK release info Jun. 29, 2005

The new album “The Tourniquet” will be released in UK on August 22nd through Atlantic Records. It’s preceeded by an exclusive double 7” only single release “Hold On” which will feature exclusive tracks “Good Mourning” and “The Mute”. This will also be available via iTunes.

Magnet will play a full band show on 17th August at LONDON 93 FEAT EAST. There will be a UK tour in September.

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new album details May. 10, 2005

Magnet’s new album The Tourniquet will be released in Norway via Atlantic Records/Warner Brothers on May 30th. It will come out in the rest of Europe, Japan and Australia in the summer and the US in autumn.

The album was produced and performed by Even, with the help of Jørgen Træen, Jason Falkner and Yngve Sætre. Recording took place between autumn ‘04 and February ‘05 mostly at Even’s Bolero Levende Lyd & Krabbe Studio on the Devil’s Island just outside Bergen, Norway and at Cherokee Studio in Los Angeles.

Album tracklisting:

  1. Hold On
  2. Duracellia
  3. The Pacemaker
  4. Believe
  5. All You Ask
  6. Deadlock
  7. Fall At Your Feet
  8. Blow By Blow
  9. Miss Her So
  10. Jaws

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KEXP EP on iTunes Apr. 14, 2005

Magnet’s live session on KEXP is now an EP available on iTunes. Tracklisting:

  1. Where Happiness Lives
  2. My Darling Curse
  3. On Your Side
  4. Overjoyed

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Magnet on Urban Outfitters compilation Jan. 28, 2005

Magnet’s song Heaviest Heart will be on an upcoming compilation CD released by Urban Outfitters and Filter Magazine. The two-disc compilation of new, remixed and previously unreleased tracks will raise money for the UNICEF Tsunami Fund. 100% of the proceeds will be donated and the compilation will be available at Urban Outfitters stores and it’s website on February 28th.

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Minus EP out today Nov. 30, 2004

The Minus EP was released today in Norway. Tracklisting:

  1. Let It Snow
  2. Clean Slate
  3. Heaviest Heart
  4. Dead Happy
  5. Big Black Moon
  6. Clean Slate (The Bee’s Remix)

You can buy it online at cdon.com


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On Your Side out in the usa! Sep. 28, 2004

“On Your Side” is now out in the USA! Run to your closest music store and buy it! Or get it online:

Best Buy
Other Music
Tower Records

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new album + Magnet on The O.C. and KCRW Sep. 19, 2004

A new Magnet album is progressing well on the Devil’s Island near Bergen, Norway. Tracks underway include “The Bird Can Never Fly”, “Deadlock”, “Duracellia”, “Believe” and “I Miss Her So”. We have a few cool plans for October and November to get it all wrapped up after the gig at Airwaves Festival, Iceland. We hope to have the new album out across Europe in Spring 2005.

“Lay Lady Lay” will feature in Episode 5 of the new series in US of The O.C (the series where Summer finally gets it on with Seth!). Magnet & Gemma Hayes “Lay Lady Lay” gets a very cool 2mins + sequence.

Nic Harcourt is being very good to us at KCRW. He’s played “Everything’s Perfect”, “Lay Lady Lay” and “The Day We Left Town” on his morning show recently, you should tune in ahead of album release in US…hopefully there’ll be some more to come.

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pre-order “on your side” Sep. 10, 2004

You can pre-order the US release of “On Your Side” from amazon.com.

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“on your side” US release + tour stuff Aug. 19, 2004

“On Your Side” will finally be released in the US on October 19th! Read more details about it

You can listen to some live tracks from Magnet’s Summer Sundae
performance at bbc.co.uk and view photos at

Click here to download an ad (PDF) for the
V Festival featuring Magnet.

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US release for "On Your Side" Jun. 19, 2004

We’re currently finalising plans for a September release of “On Your Side” with a US label.
More details to follow, but if all goes smoothly expect to see Magnet in USA later this year.

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Spellemansprisen + Lay Lady Lay May. 11, 2004

Magnet wins the Spellemansprisen (Norwegian Grammy) for Best Pop Album
2004 for "On Your Side".

"Lay Lady Lay" with Gemma Hayes – Single is available now. Bonus tracks
include the excellent remix of "Clean Slate" by The Bee’s on 7" and
exclusive track "Wish Me Well" on the CD Single. It’s currently on Xfm
playlist in UK… you can buy it


You can also buy the EP "The Day We Left Town" featuring 3 non-LP tracks


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zero 7 support + lay lady lay single Feb. 2, 2004

Magnet will be opening support for ZERO 7 on these UK dates below – the shows will be Solo, whilst the upcoming headline UK dates with The Belles in support will be with Full Band.


The new single “Lay Lady Lay” with Gemma Hayes is out 22 March ‘03 on 7inch and CD. It has The Bee’s mix of “Clean Slate” and Tom Middleton mix of “Last Day of Summer” among the bonus tracks, plus exclusive Magnet track “Wish Me Well”. You can pre-order it on Amazon ->

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new singles Nov. 16, 2003

LAST DAY OF SUMMER will be released on 12” vinyl only and exclusive download on 24th November. It’ll have the Tom Middleton/Cosmos mixes of LAST DAY OF SUMMER on it as well as the album original. The next MAGNET ‘proper’ single is LAY LADY LAY (duet with GEMMA HAYES) which will be released in early 2004.

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tour + reviews Jul. 1, 2003

Magnet“On Your Side” release date 23 June in Norway, 7 July in UK.

A few more dates in the tour section:
Magnet will support Bebel Gilberto on the following UK dates in July.
19th July – Manchester Bridgewater Hall
22nd July – London Shepherds Bush Empire
30th July – Bristol Academy

The Fly – Feature & Album Review – June 2003 edition
June issue of The Fly has a front cover mention of Magnet, a 4* Album review and a feature on page 31. ”…my biggest heroes are Bob Marley, The Clash, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen. All those guys worked without any sort of plan. That’s something I do too, because I think it makes music exciting”

Q Magazine – Album Review – “On Your Side” July 2003 edition
Blissful Norse Pop. Even Johansen releases his debut on the coat tails of fellow Norwegians Royksopp and Kings of Convenience, and trips a gentle, aching line between the two. Like them, he make blissed out electronic pop that sounds like Simon & Garfunkel restructuring Radiohead’s most fragile moments, but then he adds something else – lap steel guitar. Where Happiness Lives is an anthem for prairie nostalgia, while the dusty-hued The Day We Left Town tunes directly into 50’s cinemascope. Even a potentially hazardous cover of Lay Lady Lay with Gemma Hayes proves an excercise in louche lovliness. Magnet will rock you – very gently. **** (Emma Warren)

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TDWLT reviews + tour dates Apr. 25, 2003

Magnet duet with Gemma Hayes “Lay Lady Lay” from forthcoming album has been added to Radio 1 Blue Room Playlist 19/04/03.

‘The Day We Left Town’ EP out now!!! BUY IT!!! ;-)

‘The Day We Left Town’ Reviews:
…a fantastical cross between david lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’ and shaded 60’s black and white movies played out on lap steel
Rough Trade Shop

Like looking into the living room of other peoples houses at Christmas time, when you still have absolutely fucking ages to go ‘til you get home, new Magnet EP ‘The Day We Left Town’ is stunningly desolate. All soaring gusts of icy wind, but with the smell of hot chocolate curling its way through the cold, Magnet have perfected the art of bringing 1950’s glamour to modern day despair. Magnificently gentle, the single is a lullaby for the jilted generation

Whisperin & Hollerin’
Even Johansen is unquestionably an excellent artist and “The Day We Left Town” is his third superb EP, albeit one with an air of almost unbearable, numbed-out introspection. **********

Wed 4th June
LONDON Cherry Jam, W2 “Pleasure Night”
Magnet will headline Cherry Jam’s monthly Pleasure Night in Portabello area of London W2 on Wednesday 4th June
tickets available from box office 020 7727 9950 – there will be a full supporting bill of DJs + support

Tues 1st July – QUART FESTIVAL Caledonien Hall
Magnet will play directly before Metro Area in the Caledonien Hall on opening night of Quart Festival 2003, Kristiansand, Norway

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new ep + interview Feb. 14, 2003

NEW EP, THE DAY WE LEFT TOWN, out soon!!! Check the Discography section!

Magnet interview on NRK (Norwegian national television)
In Norwegian!

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Where Happiness Lives sold out Jun. 26, 2002

Where Happiness Lives EP is now SOLD OUT on both CD and 10”. It is now deleted too. Happy Hunting!

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ep + magazines + tour date May. 27, 2002

Debut Magnet EP is out today!!! Go shopping wonderful people.

Sleazenation and Dazed & Confused have Magnet in their releases of the month.

Magnet plays in Bergen @ USF Tues 28th May.

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