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Skral Festival photos + summer tour dates Jul. 16, 2007

Skral Festival
Magnet at Skral

Check out Ole’s photos of Magnet from this weekend’s Skral Festival, also in the photo gallery. He’ll be doing a few shows at Norwegian music festivals this summer—view all of the tour dates.

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Lost Weekend photos Sep. 17, 2006

Magnet Lost Weekend Festival
Magnet at Lost Weekend

Check out Tiril Hjelmeland’s great photos of Magnet at the Lost Weekend Festival this past August.

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photos, KCRW DJ pick Mar. 21, 2006

Here are some photos of Magnet at SXSW:

Jason Bentley of KCRW’s Metropolis lists The Tourniquet as one of his top three albums this month.

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new media, radio appearances Mar. 19, 2006

Magnet at SXSW
photo taken by ldandersen

Check out these SXSW photos on flickr. There are also new photos taken at The Troubadour on the photos page (thanks Brian).

Read Rewritable Content’s review of Magnet at the Hotel Cafe. There are also some videos on YouTube:

erin1027: 3/14, Hotel Cafe, Magnet performing Nothing Hurts Now, Believe, and Where Happiness Lives.

Minnesota Public Radio caught up with magnet at SXSW. Listen to the interview and performance online. Stayed tuned for an upcoming appearance on WXPN’s World Cafe!

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tour reviews, photos, and video Mar. 6, 2006

Fans have been putting up lots of great media from Magnet’s North American tour so far. Check it out:



Magnet at Webster Hall
photo taken by pressta


peterparker86: 2/24, Washington DC / Black Cat

slapchar: 2/25, NYC / Webster Hall

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Japanese tour photos and reviews Nov. 17, 2005

Smashing Mag has a set of live Magnet photos in Shibuya. There’s more information about the show at I Think So and reiri55’s blog (in Japanese).

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Øyafestivalen reviews & photos Aug. 12, 2005

Check out these reviews and photos from this week’s Øyafestivalen:

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P3 Sessions media Jun. 13, 2005

Live at the P3Sessions

NRK.no has photo galleries and a video montage from Magnet’s P3Sessions performances.

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Bergenfest media May. 3, 2005

You can listen to Magnet’s Bergenfest perform “Duracellia” and “On Your Side” from Sunday at NRK P1 radio. Search for “bergenfest” and click on the “30.04 (20:03 – 21:00)” link—Magnet starts about 2/3rds through the broadcast (login/password: evenmagnet/privatejinx).

Check out some great photos from Monday’s performance taken by Kristian Monsen.

Ba.no plopped Magnet in front of a computer to answer loads of reader’s questions.

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new photos + subscribe Feb. 14, 2005

New photos from Iceland Airwaves taken by Grégory Gérault have been added to the media section.

You can now subscribe to this page and receive an e-mail whenever news is posted through bloglet by entering your e-mail address in the form on the left side of this page (you may have to scroll down).

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Little Civic photos Feb. 1, 2005

There’s a nice photo gallery of Magnet’s performance at Little Civic in Wolverhampton from last February. [thanks to Lee]

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tour photos updated Jan. 12, 2005

New photos from last summer’s V Festival have been added to the media section (thanks Caroline).

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troubadour photos Dec. 22, 2004

Check out these great photos of Magnet at The Troubadour by Marc Goldstein.

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Cherokee Studios photos Dec. 14, 2004

There are some new photos of Even and Jason Falkner taken at Cherokee Sudios in Los Angeles.

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Tromsø tour photos Dec. 2, 2004

Photos from the November 25th show in Tromsø, Norway have been added to the photos page. Thanks to Erik for his contribution!

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new photos + tour date Nov. 4, 2004

Photos from the Iceland Airwaves festival have been added to the media page. Thanks to Amadeep for his contribution!

New US tour date: Magnet will be playing at The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA on December 12th.

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contest + iceland photos Nov. 2, 2004

Filter is having a contest to win a signed "On Your Side" and messenger bag (until December 15th).

Check out {esc}‘s Iceland Airwaves 2004 album for some Magnet photos.

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tour photos updated Oct. 25, 2004

The tour photos on the media page have been updated. Thanks to Colin and Rebecca for their contributions!

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win a copy of "on your side" + photos Oct. 20, 2004

Dallas Music Guide is giving away and autographed copy of "On Your Side" plus a messenger bag. Click here to enter.

Check out the new photos from last week’s tour dates in NYC.

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“on your side” US release + tour stuff Aug. 19, 2004

“On Your Side” will finally be released in the US on October 19th! Read more details about it

You can listen to some live tracks from Magnet’s Summer Sundae
performance at bbc.co.uk and view photos at

Click here to download an ad (PDF) for the
V Festival featuring Magnet.

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live photos + tour dates Sep. 25, 2003

Check out the nice “The Day we Left Town” Video in the Multimedia section:-)

Magnet live photos:
Magnet @ Shibuya Quattro (15th Sept ‘03)
Photos by Marimi “mari” Horimoto.

Onsdag 24. sept BERGEN KVARTERET
Fredag 26. sept ØRSTA RUST
Onsdag 01. okt OSLO JOHN DEE
Torsdag 02. okt BØ KROA
Fredag 03. okt TRONDHEIM BLÆST
Tirsdag 07. okt SOGNDAL MEIERIET

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