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Amelia’s Magazine feature Nov. 26, 2005

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Magnet is featured in the latest issue of Amelia’s Magazine. View the article by clicking on the thumbnails above.

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virgin magazine interview Feb. 12, 2005

VirginMegaMagazine.com interviewed Magnet about his childhood, recording in LA, and the meanings of his songs…among other things. Go read the interview!

Magnet: Music With Empathy

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Rolling Stone Hot List Dec. 28, 2004

Lay Lady Lay is number 5 on the December 20th issue of Rolling Stone‘s Hot List:

Covering a Dylan classic is risky, but Norway’s Magnet succeed with a beautifully de-contrified orchestral version.

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"On Your Side" review + interview Nov. 10, 2004

From the November issue of Nylon:

Sounding like Radiohead’s Thom Yorke crossed with Elliott Smith, Johansen has a maleable voice that can flourish amid grand orchestral arrangements bursting with horns (“Everything’s Perfect”) or mingle airily with gentle snare strokes and warbled theremin cries (“Where Happiness Lives”).

Click here to read the full review.

Columbia Spectator interviewed Even and reviewed his album:

Following loosely in the footsteps of Damien Rice, Johansen has established himself thus far not merely by his songwriting, but his musical creativity as a whole. On Your Side avoids falling into the oft-dimensionless solo-acoustic-guitar dynamic. Instead, Johansen fills out his sound with strings, slide guitar, synthesizers, and any number of samples.

Read the full article here.

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Rolling Stone review Oct. 22, 2004

There is great power in the ethereal grace of On Your Side, the first U.S. release for Even Johansen, a.k.a. Magnet. The Bergen, Norway, native builds gently rolling emotional waves in the fourteen tracks on this disc, drawing elemental force from understatement. The ingredients—acoustic guitars, lulling vocals, electro garnishments—meld into an ambient songwriting form suggestive of a range of artists but correlative with none.

Read more at rollingstone.com.

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slant magazine review Sep. 11, 2004

For an artist as influenced by the dusty Western soundscapes of Ennio Morricone as he is by the stellar electronica of Air, Johansen manages to knit a surprisingly cohesive sonic tapestry out of strings, brass, acoustic guitar, tinkling toy piano sounds, and electronic flourishes.

Check out the latest review of “On Your Side” from Slant Magazine (4/5).

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filter magazine feature Sep. 6, 2004

Magnet is Filter magazine’s featured Arist to Watch. Pick up the latest issue to read the one page article.

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Articles and reviews roundup Jan. 7, 2004

Lots of new articles and reviews:

TheElectricNewspaper.com – interview and review
LUCKY issue 13 – article
LUCKY issue 12 – review
FHM – November 2003 review
Rolling Stone – Hit Pick List Nov 2003
Scene – article
The Brag – article
Remix – article

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On Your Side reviews Dec. 17, 2003

Bang Magazine lists “On Your Side” in it’s ‘Top 50 Albums We Loved in 2003’. They say An echo-laden string of smoke and mirrors ballards and songs from the wilderness…enchanting
Click here.

Magnet “On Your Side” is also #2 in Aftenpostens Norwegian Best Of 2003 list. Click Here (in Norwegian).

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remix feature Dec. 1, 2003

New feature from the Australian Magazine REMIX.

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press mentions + charts Nov. 21, 2003

’ON YOUR SIDE’ will be in Dec/Jan issues of UNCUT & BANG magazine in their Top 50’s of 2003. Also ‘THE DAY WE LEFT TOWN’ is one of JOCKEY SLUT’s Singles of the Year. Also…’ON YOUR SIDE’ is released in UK on vinyl for the first time next Monday. Available from all good independent stores.

Tom Middleton/Cosmos remix of ‘LAST DAY OF SUMMER’ is getting airplay on Capital, Kiss FM and Xfm at the moment and currently in Cool Cuts & Buzz Charts in UK.

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new feature Oct. 22, 2003

New feature from Australia.

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“On Your Side” in NME Aug. 5, 2003

Magnet’s “On Your Side” has been named one of NME’s Albums of The Month alongside Kings of Leon & Dizzee Rascal in this week’s magazine (with The Darkness on the cover).

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TDWLT review Mar. 20, 2003

The Day We Left Town ’ EP – Radar
For 27 and a half years, I have been searching for the record that I want playing when I die/fall in love/have underwater sex with Julie Delpy. The title track of this ep may well bring my quest to its end. Evan Johansen (for it is he) writes gentle, electronic tinged acoustic ballads, sung in the voice of Thom Yorke after 3 bottles of gin and tears, that overwhelm the soul with wave after wave of bittersweet joy these are the melodies that you hear in your head once the wounds have healed, and you can go back to remembering the good times you had with the girl that broke your heart. “The Day We Left Town” opens like the score to a Frank Capra film, and ends as Johansen and his lover look back at their former home as the kerosene flames engulf it. Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m taking this ep to my desert island. Really.

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jockey slut mention Mar. 7, 2003

Magnet featured in Jockey Slut’s “Slut.faves” section p.4 of March edition:

Magnet: Thom Yorke fronts The Sugarcubes. Which is good, VERY good.

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tour date + magazine Aug. 23, 2002

Wednesday 25th September
MAGNET plays an NME ‘On’ night at The Barfly @ The Monarch, London NW1
Tickets are £7
Barflyclub / NME
Magnet on Stage 9pm – also playing Malcolm Middleton (ex-Arab Strap)

Also – check out next month’s Dazed & Confused
(which should be on shelves any day now) for a Magnet feature…

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