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Check Facebook for Latest Updates; New Shirts Sep. 6, 2012

There isn’t really any news to report on, but I wanted to remind y’all to check Magnet’s official Facebook page for the latest updates. If anything is happening in Magnet-land, Facebook will say so. (Unlike this site, which will probably be perpetually outdated, but still cling on to life with wheezing gasps.)

Magnet’s official site has been updated with a shop featuring new long-sleeve shirts decorated with a little flaming magnet logo. The shirts seem to optimized for invisible men who want to show off their muscle tone, but I’m guessing full-fleshed humans can wear ’em too. Each shirt is 250 NOK (about $43).

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Magnet is doing stuff! Whoa! Aug. 4, 2010

After a few years of nothingness, I got a message from the folks of his management company BpopMentometer to say that Magnet is doing stuff! I mean, related to music. Presumably he’s doing stuff all the time. Here’s the message:

Magnet is currently in his studio in Bergen, where he is finishing his new record with a bunch of great Norwegian musicians. We have heard the first song, and really looking forward to the rest!

Even has spent the last year learning how to ride his horse, and feeding his goats. His growing commitment for a better environment has taken a lot of time, but he has also found the time to produce albums for several Norwegian artists, such as Lene Marlin and Amina. He has also found a lot of inspiration for his new album.

Stay tuned to soon get pictures from Magnet’s Devil-island, the studio, and of course: music.

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Why isn’t this homeofmagnet.com? Jan. 28, 2010

Message from your friendly webmaster: This is the same website that used to be at homeofmagnet.com. When that URL unexpectedly expired and was bought by another company, I moved the site to evenmagnet.net because, damn, I didn’t build this website for nothing.

I have no idea what’s going on in Magnet-land, but if anything happens I’ll update this page.

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Happy Birthday! Jun. 7, 2007

Happy birthday, Even! We hope you have fun commemorating the day of your birth. :)

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Release a record, break a record? Mar. 28, 2007

Magnet on a PLANE
Magnet serenades passengers on the way to Iceland [from Dagsavisen]

To commemorate the release of his new album, The Simple Life, Magnet played 40,000 feet in the air on the way from Oslo to Reykjavik, breaking the record for highest concert ever performed. Watch video footage at kjendis.no, VG, and Aftenposten.

The Simple Life is currently available in Norway or online at CDplanet and CDON.COM. Check out the latest reviews (all in Norwegian):

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Message from Magnet Jan. 10, 2007

Even left a message in the guestbook about the new album, his upcoming concert and…lots of rain:

So there it is…
new record, new label, new this, new that and newness all around…
It’s looking like march will be the time to set the new songs free, and hope they find a good home out there in the sad and beautiful world.
Come thursday 18th, I will be playing lots of new songs, and lots of older songs in Oslo together with a whole bunch of people called KORK. There’ll be between 50 and 60 of them, 4 of my sweet musician friends and myself.
I’m sure it’ll be an evening to remember for me.
For everyone else, we’ll try hard to make it an evening hard to forget.
Hell, they even say they are going to film it, just in case it goes well. So we’re all gonna dress sharp, talk blunt and stomp our feet!

In Bergen it has now rained for 72 days without any noticable break…it is beyond wet, it’s beyond soaked, it’s “gjennombløt”

Itching to play some new songs…..and wear some dry socks.

Viva Roger Withaker!

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message from Magnet Sep. 29, 2006

Even left a message in the guestbook with information about his latest album:


I guess the guestbook finaly has been fixed then…A little bit of news to tell. The new album is just about finished, and I’ve never been so happy and satisfied with anything I’ve done before… Strange days indeed…Almost like a brand new magnet.
This time around it’s an all accoustic recording, with a whole bunch of strings and brass and unusual arrangements for this day and age. It kind of feels like a new soul record from somewhere where they’ve just found their soul…not sure if that makes sense, but anyway.

Summer’s over, time to play now!

Only thing we know, is that we don’t know.

See you soon.

A wee kiss from me Even

Indeedio, the guestbook is sparkly and new, so please fill it with happy words. :)

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message from Even Dec. 26, 2005

Even left a message in the guestbook!

Hello! Just a little something I should have written, & done a long time ago. A big thank you to those who bought the record and those who came to the shows. Some even did both, and should get an even bigger thank you! It has been a strange year, this one, with lot’s of weird things going on, like a new rain-record in Bergen ( 3000mm ), people I know & love breaking up, I was bitten by a poisenous adder on my eyelid, my inabillity to sleep on the tour, with my ever so popstaresque near collapse in Tokyo as a result of toooooo little sleep and now my friend Dupermann has decided to grow a new bodypart, in the form of a ever-expanding gigantic beard. I’ve decided to start making a new record sooner rather than later, so some shows will unfortunately be cancelled, or postponed. My apologies if someone ends up dissapointed. There’s a record coming on right now, so I should strike when it’s hot, really??? shouldn’t I??? I’m playing a few christmas shows, so I can play off some of the christmas-fat I’ve gained (no doubt..) so if you’re in Horten julejazz 26th, or Oslo mono 27th come and hang out. I will be coming to the US sometime around south by south west to play some shows. It’s been too long since last time. Anyhow…Much love to all, and hope to see you sometime in 2006. Have a wonderful new year, and please be safe. Yours always, Even

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Birthday greetings Jun. 7, 2005

Happy 35th birthday, Even! Everyone, feel free to celebrate Even’s birthday by partying and stuff yourselves with cake.

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message from magneten Apr. 22, 2005

Even left this message in the guestbook:

Name: magneten
City: sekkedalen
Sent: 21-Apr-2005 16:27

Hello to everyone that has the time to stop by here, and leave these flattering words and stuff! The new record is finished, so soon I’ll be coming somewhere near to where you, my friends live. Can’t wait to play the music and sing the songs for you. See you soon, and love to the moon and back!!! Even

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Falkner article Nov. 23, 2004

Billboard.com article Falkner Eyes Solo Album, Plays With McCartney mentions Falker’s co-production on Magnet’s new album.

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site revamp Oct. 7, 2004

Home of Magnet has been somewhat revamped. There may be some errors here and there as the kinks are worked out. Drop the webmaster a line if you see something horribly wrong, thanks!

Also, some of the NYC tour info has been changed since yesterday so you may want to check that post again.

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new album completed Mar. 24, 2003

During the last week the new Magnet album ‘On Your Side’ has finally been completed. Even spent 2 days in London’s Roundhouse Studio adding final magic by recording “Lay Lady Lay” a duet with Gemma Hayes. ‘On Your Side’ is mastered on Monday at Abbey Road with Mr Mastering himself, Chris Blair. News of tracklisting and release date to follow soon – as well as some new UK live dates and Scandinavian Festival appearances.

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happy birthday! Jun. 8, 2002

Happy birthday, Magnetman!!! The Magnet web crew sends their warmest regards:)

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