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"The Simple Life" nominated for an Alarm Award Sep. 29, 2007

Magnet’s “The Simple Life” has been nominated for an Alarm Award (Norwegian music awards) in the category of Best Pop Album. Other pop album nominees include Marit Larsen, Rockettothesky, Superfamily, and Susanne Sundfør. Vote for his album online! To view the full list of nominees across all categories visit alarmprisen.no. Winners will be announced on October 27th.

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The Simple Life out now in the US Sep. 19, 2007

The Simple Life is now available for purchase in all major music stores in the US

Buy THE SIMPLE LIFE now on iTunes

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The Simple Life is #1 Apr. 9, 2007

In its first week of release, The Simple Life reached #1 on Norway’s album chart. Congratulations, Even!

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New album, The Simple Life Mar. 1, 2007

The Simple Life
“The Simple Life”

Magnet’s latest album, The Simple Life, will be released in Norway on March 26, 2007. Listen to two new tracks, “Lonely No More” and “Navigator”, at Magnet’s myspace page.

Album tracklisting:

  1. The Gospel Song
  2. You Got Me
  3. Lonely No More
  4. Count
  5. She’s Gone
  6. A Little Happier
  7. Navigator
  8. The Simple Life
  9. Slice Of Heaven
  10. Volatile
  11. Lucid

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new album + Magnet on The O.C. and KCRW Sep. 19, 2004

A new Magnet album is progressing well on the Devil’s Island near Bergen, Norway. Tracks underway include “The Bird Can Never Fly”, “Deadlock”, “Duracellia”, “Believe” and “I Miss Her So”. We have a few cool plans for October and November to get it all wrapped up after the gig at Airwaves Festival, Iceland. We hope to have the new album out across Europe in Spring 2005.

“Lay Lady Lay” will feature in Episode 5 of the new series in US of The O.C (the series where Summer finally gets it on with Seth!). Magnet & Gemma Hayes “Lay Lady Lay” gets a very cool 2mins + sequence.

Nic Harcourt is being very good to us at KCRW. He’s played “Everything’s Perfect”, “Lay Lady Lay” and “The Day We Left Town” on his morning show recently, you should tune in ahead of album release in US…hopefully there’ll be some more to come.

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