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“On Your Side” review Jan. 30, 2005

Entertainment website TransformOnline features a review of On Your Side:

Magnet (aka Even Johansen) is a respected and successful artist/producer in his native country of Norway, but here in the States he has so far been an underground‘s underground secret. He released a solo album under his real name on Five One Inc. a few years ago, but On Your Side aims to be his first real entry into the American musical marketplace. Good thing, cuz the album contains the best songs he’s written so far.

Read the full review at TransformOnline.

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Impose Magazine’s top records of 2004 Dec. 27, 2004

Diana Yee of Impose Magazine listed "On Your Side" as #1 of the top 5 albums of the year:

Finally making a US debut, Norwegian singer/musician Even (pronounced "Evan") Johansen brings a batch of fresh new sound that I haven’t heard in a while – especially for a solo act (aside from maybe British singer/musician Tom McRae, who has a completely different style from this guy). It’s hard to come by a release with such depth and meaning that one can connect to, and with so much bad music out there it makes Magnet’s release the lost golden ticket.

View other contributors’ lists at Impose Magazine.

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The Daily Texan’s Top Records of 2004 Dec. 7, 2004

Tito Belis of The Daily Texan lists "On Your Side" as #1 of the top 5 records of 2004:

  1. Magnet – “On Your Side”
  2. Morrissey – “You are the Quarry”
  3. Interpol – “Antics”
  4. Madvillain – “Madvillainy”
  5. Rilo Kiley – “More Adventurous”

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thestranger.com "On Your Side" review Dec. 1, 2004

TheStranger.com has reviewed "On Your Side":

On his second album, Magnet (AKA Norwegian Evan Johansen) has refined his sound, taking an appealing step forward from his previous folktronica aesthetic. On Your Side showcases more intricate samples than his debut, hinting at moments of Notwist or Four Tet. The electronic accents don’t feel merely ornamental but are imbedded in compositions formed around serious pop craftsmanship.

Read the full review.

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CMJ "On Your Side" review Nov. 24, 2004

CMJ reviews "On Your Side"

Picture, if you will, cabaret-pretty Rufus Wainwright songs laced with glitchy Matmos squiggles and Richard Ashcroft’s solo bombast, led by Bono doing his best whisperpretty Elliott Smith impression. Drowned in My Morning Jacket-rivaling reverb. Jingle bells? Man, that’s some complicated goulash. But this debut from Norwegian supastar troubadour Even Johansen is also quite beautiful—bound to score as completely with Stateside mopers and atmospheric pop fanatics as it has back home, where he’s already won awards and warmed Nordic hearts like gangbusters.

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"On Your Side" reviews Nov. 23, 2004

Check out some recent reviews for "On Your Side" at Music-Critic.com and 30music.com.

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KCRW’s Top 50 Nov. 10, 2004

On Your Side is #8 on KCRW’s Top 50 Airplay Chart for this week.

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Miles of Music review Nov. 3, 2004

Miles of Music has a nice little "On Your Side" review (You can buy the CD from them as well! ;D):

Simultaneously following in the footsteps of traditional folkdom and modern surrealism, Even Johansen treads between the two with Magnet’s dreamy collison of shining gems and yellowing scrolls. As Magnet’s sole member, he composes, sings and plays everything from guitar to glockenspiel, with ensembles assisting him on the occasional swells of strings and horns. Crafting sleepy rhythms with echoes of 60s pop filtered through a bit of psychedelic haze, he draws as easily from the dusty warmth of Tim Buckley as from the ethereal electronica of Air…

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On Your Side companion EP Nov. 2, 2004

The "On Your Side" companion EP featuring songs that were previously only available on UK releases is now on iTunes. Tracklisting:

  1. Clean Slate
  2. Dead Happy
  3. The Big Black Moon
  4. Heaviest Heart
  5. Clean Slate (The Bees Remix)

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Rolling Stone review Oct. 22, 2004

There is great power in the ethereal grace of On Your Side, the first U.S. release for Even Johansen, a.k.a. Magnet. The Bergen, Norway, native builds gently rolling emotional waves in the fourteen tracks on this disc, drawing elemental force from understatement. The ingredients—acoustic guitars, lulling vocals, electro garnishments—meld into an ambient songwriting form suggestive of a range of artists but correlative with none.

Read more at rollingstone.com.

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win a copy of "on your side" + photos Oct. 20, 2004

Dallas Music Guide is giving away and autographed copy of "On Your Side" plus a messenger bag. Click here to enter.

Check out the new photos from last week’s tour dates in NYC.

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popmatters review Oct. 8, 2004

On Your Side brims with bounteous atmosphere and emotion, a spacious strain of string-spiced pop that expands under the direction of Johansen’s space-cowboy-in-training.

Read the full review at PopMatters.

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indieworkshop.com review + nyc tour info Oct. 2, 2004

Indieworkshop.com has reviewed "On Your Side":

Norwegian singer songwriter Even Johansen brings a very well polished album in “On Your Side” under the moniker of Magnet. From the writing to the arrangements, recording and lush instrumentations, every aspect of this album is polished. While those aspects of this record are phenomenal, at times it’s a bit much for me, leaving me wanting something a little grittier.

Read the full review at indieworkshop.com.

Magnet will be playing as part of the Filter Happy Hour at Pianos in NYC on October
14th. It’s FREE, so make sure to go and bring your friends!

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pulse weekly review Sep. 29, 2004

Pulse Weekly gave “On Your Side” four stars!

Magnet is not just pushing the boundaries of what solo artists can do, he’s pushing for a revolutionary
change in music.

Read the full review at pulseweekly.com.

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On Your Side out in the usa! Sep. 28, 2004

“On Your Side” is now out in the USA! Run to your closest music store and buy it! Or get it online:

Best Buy
Other Music
Tower Records

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rate "on your side" Sep. 18, 2004

Rate "On Your Side" at RadioIO this week.

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slant magazine review Sep. 11, 2004

For an artist as influenced by the dusty Western soundscapes of Ennio Morricone as he is by the stellar electronica of Air, Johansen manages to knit a surprisingly cohesive sonic tapestry out of strings, brass, acoustic guitar, tinkling toy piano sounds, and electronic flourishes.

Check out the latest review of “On Your Side” from Slant Magazine (4/5).

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pre-order “on your side” Sep. 10, 2004

You can pre-order the US release of “On Your Side” from amazon.com.

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“on your side” US release + tour stuff Aug. 19, 2004

“On Your Side” will finally be released in the US on October 19th! Read more details about it

You can listen to some live tracks from Magnet’s Summer Sundae
performance at bbc.co.uk and view photos at

Click here to download an ad (PDF) for the
V Festival featuring Magnet.

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“On Your Side” news Jul. 27, 2004

“On Your Side” has spent 4 weeks in Norway’s Top 30 Album Charts, this week (week 5) it’s at #34. There will be a full Norwegian Tour before the end of 2003.

The debut Magnet single will be “Lay Lady Lay” (with Gemma Hayes) released this Autumn, it’s been remixed by Steve Fitzmaurice & Dave McCracken and will be backed with exclusive new tracks & mixes.

From this week’s NME:
MAGNET ‘On Your Side’ (Ultimate Dilemma/East West)
Jeff Buckley insprires magnificent debut “The influence of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ still hangs over music. The latest to fall under his seductive spell is Magnet, aka Even Johansen. From Scotland via Norway, Even’s lazy, sensitive coo and ethereal country flutters certainly resonate with that same sense of majestic drama. But Magnet has more tricks up his sleeve than mere karaoke fanboyisms. ‘The Day We Left Town’ has ghostly, Bjork-like electronica sheen, while ‘Where Happiness Lives’ is Elliott Smith bunking into the Grand Ole Opry. But it’s the suckerpunch refrain of magnificent opener ‘Everything’s Perfect’ (“You Said You’d Die For Me, So Why Can’t You Live For Me?”) that reveals just where this fragile soul’s bread is buttered. ‘On Your Side’ is simply a lovely, lovely record” (8/10)

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US release for "On Your Side" Jun. 19, 2004

We’re currently finalising plans for a September release of “On Your Side” with a US label.
More details to follow, but if all goes smoothly expect to see Magnet in USA later this year.

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alarm award + remixes Feb. 18, 2004

Even collected the Alarm award for Best Pop Album 2003-2004 and played "The Day We Left Town" live
at the Alarm Awards in Norway on Saturday night. "On Your Side" won Best Pop Album category. Thanks to all of you who voted.

There are currently some new Magnet mixes around and about…Even has remixed tracks for The Belles, Franz Ferdinand and Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band in the last few months. Also a rather fine new album "LP!Digitalt Remasteret" by Kaptein Kaliber features the track "Sjiraff" which Even sings on. It’s a great album, you should buy it, it’s on the Telle label.

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On Your Side reviews Dec. 17, 2003

Bang Magazine lists “On Your Side” in it’s ‘Top 50 Albums We Loved in 2003’. They say An echo-laden string of smoke and mirrors ballards and songs from the wilderness…enchanting
Click here.

Magnet “On Your Side” is also #2 in Aftenpostens Norwegian Best Of 2003 list. Click Here (in Norwegian).

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Dagsavisens Best Of 2003 list Dec. 16, 2003

Magnet “On Your Side” is #8 in Dagsavisens Best Of 2003 list. Magnet is the highest placed Norwegian Act. Click here (in Norwegian).

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“On Your Side” in NME Aug. 5, 2003

Magnet’s “On Your Side” has been named one of NME’s Albums of The Month alongside Kings of Leon & Dizzee Rascal in this week’s magazine (with The Darkness on the cover).

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