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free concert + live review Apr. 29, 2005

This Saturday, April 30th, Magnet will perform in a free concert at Torgallmenningen in Bergen, Norway. Visit bt.no for more information.

Utropia.no gives Magnet a 5 for his April 24th concert in Tromsø.

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message from magneten Apr. 22, 2005

Even left this message in the guestbook:

Name: magneten
City: sekkedalen
Sent: 21-Apr-2005 16:27

Hello to everyone that has the time to stop by here, and leave these flattering words and stuff! The new record is finished, so soon I’ll be coming somewhere near to where you, my friends live. Can’t wait to play the music and sing the songs for you. See you soon, and love to the moon and back!!! Even

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KEXP EP on iTunes Apr. 14, 2005

Magnet’s live session on KEXP is now an EP available on iTunes. Tracklisting:

  1. Where Happiness Lives
  2. My Darling Curse
  3. On Your Side
  4. Overjoyed

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