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Minus EP review + article Nov. 30, 2004

Dagbladet gives the Minus EP 4/6; read their review. Bt.no has a recent article about Magnet and the Minus EP:

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Minus EP out today Nov. 30, 2004

The Minus EP was released today in Norway. Tracklisting:

  1. Let It Snow
  2. Clean Slate
  3. Heaviest Heart
  4. Dead Happy
  5. Big Black Moon
  6. Clean Slate (The Bee’s Remix)

You can buy it online at cdon.com


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Late Late Show appearance Nov. 27, 2004

Magnet will appear on The Late Late Show on Friday, December 3rd. The show airs at 12:35AM ET/PT.

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nrk1 video interview Nov. 26, 2004

Lydvetket screen cap

NRK1 TV show Lydverket has a nine minute segment about Even and Jason Falkner working on the new Magnet album. You can see the recording studio and hear some new material! Watch it online (registration required), it starts around the 28 minute mark.

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CMJ "On Your Side" review Nov. 24, 2004

CMJ reviews "On Your Side"

Picture, if you will, cabaret-pretty Rufus Wainwright songs laced with glitchy Matmos squiggles and Richard Ashcroft’s solo bombast, led by Bono doing his best whisperpretty Elliott Smith impression. Drowned in My Morning Jacket-rivaling reverb. Jingle bells? Man, that’s some complicated goulash. But this debut from Norwegian supastar troubadour Even Johansen is also quite beautiful—bound to score as completely with Stateside mopers and atmospheric pop fanatics as it has back home, where he’s already won awards and warmed Nordic hearts like gangbusters.

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Listen to "Let It Snow" online Nov. 24, 2004

You can listen to "Let It Snow" online from the forthcoming Minus EP (released in Norway on Nov. 29) on the 19.11.04 show of radio NRK P1‘s "Musikknytt". [thanks ek]

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LA tour dates Nov. 24, 2004

More Los Angeles tour dates have been added:

ASCAP flyer, Dec. 6

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Falkner article Nov. 23, 2004

Billboard.com article Falkner Eyes Solo Album, Plays With McCartney mentions Falker’s co-production on Magnet’s new album.

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"On Your Side" reviews Nov. 23, 2004

Check out some recent reviews for "On Your Side" at Music-Critic.com and 30music.com.

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video interview Nov. 20, 2004

Check out this quicktime video clip of Magnet’s interview with National Lampoon’s AV Squad about Lay Lady Lay.

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Norway tour dates Nov. 18, 2004

More Norway tour dates have been announced:

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KEXP performance archived Nov. 12, 2004

KEXP has archived Magnet’s performance from October 12th in NYC. You can listen to it here.

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new EP + tour dates Nov. 11, 2004

A new EP entitled “Minus” will be released in Norway on November 29th. Tracklisting:

  1. Let It Snow
  2. Clean Slate
  3. Heaviest Heart
  4. Dead Happy
  5. Big Black Moon
  6. Clean Slate (The Bee’s Remix)

It is now available at cdon.com. There are related articles at it’s a trap!, groove.no, nrk.no and ba.no.

There are two new Norway tour dates [from tiktak]:

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KCRW’s Top 50 Nov. 10, 2004

On Your Side is #8 on KCRW’s Top 50 Airplay Chart for this week.

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"On Your Side" review + interview Nov. 10, 2004

From the November issue of Nylon:

Sounding like Radiohead’s Thom Yorke crossed with Elliott Smith, Johansen has a maleable voice that can flourish amid grand orchestral arrangements bursting with horns (“Everything’s Perfect”) or mingle airily with gentle snare strokes and warbled theremin cries (“Where Happiness Lives”).

Click here to read the full review.

Columbia Spectator interviewed Even and reviewed his album:

Following loosely in the footsteps of Damien Rice, Johansen has established himself thus far not merely by his songwriting, but his musical creativity as a whole. On Your Side avoids falling into the oft-dimensionless solo-acoustic-guitar dynamic. Instead, Johansen fills out his sound with strings, slide guitar, synthesizers, and any number of samples.

Read the full article here.

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hollister feature Nov. 7, 2004

Hollister Co. has a Magnet feature in their Off The Rack music section.

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new photos + tour date Nov. 4, 2004

Photos from the Iceland Airwaves festival have been added to the media page. Thanks to Amadeep for his contribution!

New US tour date: Magnet will be playing at The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA on December 12th.

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Miles of Music review Nov. 3, 2004

Miles of Music has a nice little "On Your Side" review (You can buy the CD from them as well! ;D):

Simultaneously following in the footsteps of traditional folkdom and modern surrealism, Even Johansen treads between the two with Magnet’s dreamy collison of shining gems and yellowing scrolls. As Magnet’s sole member, he composes, sings and plays everything from guitar to glockenspiel, with ensembles assisting him on the occasional swells of strings and horns. Crafting sleepy rhythms with echoes of 60s pop filtered through a bit of psychedelic haze, he draws as easily from the dusty warmth of Tim Buckley as from the ethereal electronica of Air…

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On Your Side companion EP Nov. 2, 2004

The "On Your Side" companion EP featuring songs that were previously only available on UK releases is now on iTunes. Tracklisting:

  1. Clean Slate
  2. Dead Happy
  3. The Big Black Moon
  4. Heaviest Heart
  5. Clean Slate (The Bees Remix)

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contest + iceland photos Nov. 2, 2004

Filter is having a contest to win a signed "On Your Side" and messenger bag (until December 15th).

Check out {esc}‘s Iceland Airwaves 2004 album for some Magnet photos.

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