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“On Your Side” news Jul. 27, 2004

“On Your Side” has spent 4 weeks in Norway’s Top 30 Album Charts, this week (week 5) it’s at #34. There will be a full Norwegian Tour before the end of 2003.

The debut Magnet single will be “Lay Lady Lay” (with Gemma Hayes) released this Autumn, it’s been remixed by Steve Fitzmaurice & Dave McCracken and will be backed with exclusive new tracks & mixes.

From this week’s NME:
MAGNET ‘On Your Side’ (Ultimate Dilemma/East West)
Jeff Buckley insprires magnificent debut “The influence of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ still hangs over music. The latest to fall under his seductive spell is Magnet, aka Even Johansen. From Scotland via Norway, Even’s lazy, sensitive coo and ethereal country flutters certainly resonate with that same sense of majestic drama. But Magnet has more tricks up his sleeve than mere karaoke fanboyisms. ‘The Day We Left Town’ has ghostly, Bjork-like electronica sheen, while ‘Where Happiness Lives’ is Elliott Smith bunking into the Grand Ole Opry. But it’s the suckerpunch refrain of magnificent opener ‘Everything’s Perfect’ (“You Said You’d Die For Me, So Why Can’t You Live For Me?”) that reveals just where this fragile soul’s bread is buttered. ‘On Your Side’ is simply a lovely, lovely record” (8/10)

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