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TDWLT reviews + tour dates Apr. 25, 2003

Magnet duet with Gemma Hayes “Lay Lady Lay” from forthcoming album has been added to Radio 1 Blue Room Playlist 19/04/03.

‘The Day We Left Town’ EP out now!!! BUY IT!!! ;-)

‘The Day We Left Town’ Reviews:
…a fantastical cross between david lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’ and shaded 60’s black and white movies played out on lap steel
Rough Trade Shop

Like looking into the living room of other peoples houses at Christmas time, when you still have absolutely fucking ages to go ‘til you get home, new Magnet EP ‘The Day We Left Town’ is stunningly desolate. All soaring gusts of icy wind, but with the smell of hot chocolate curling its way through the cold, Magnet have perfected the art of bringing 1950’s glamour to modern day despair. Magnificently gentle, the single is a lullaby for the jilted generation

Whisperin & Hollerin’
Even Johansen is unquestionably an excellent artist and “The Day We Left Town” is his third superb EP, albeit one with an air of almost unbearable, numbed-out introspection. **********

Wed 4th June
LONDON Cherry Jam, W2 “Pleasure Night”
Magnet will headline Cherry Jam’s monthly Pleasure Night in Portabello area of London W2 on Wednesday 4th June
tickets available from box office 020 7727 9950 – there will be a full supporting bill of DJs + support

Tues 1st July – QUART FESTIVAL Caledonien Hall
Magnet will play directly before Metro Area in the Caledonien Hall on opening night of Quart Festival 2003, Kristiansand, Norway

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TDWLT reviews Apr. 3, 2003

MAGNET – “The Day We Left Town” / new reviews all out today.

See that bit at the end of Die Hard where the ambulances turn up and Dean Martin’s “Let It Snow” starts playing? Making you feel all warm and cuddly and willing to forget the slaughter of smug German crims that preceded it? Now imagine the same scene set in the Wild West. This is the song you’d hear. It’s a bit Christmassy, a bit sad, a bit Ennio Morricone, a bit Radiohead, a bit Avalanches. It’s lovely and, if you’ve just shoved Alan Rickman off a skyscraper, just what the doctor ordered’ (Simon Lewis)

Norway, inexplicably, continues to produce oddball talent by the bucketload. For anyone who’s ever wondered what a Radiohead soundtrack for It’s A Wonderful Life might sound like, Magnet’s Even Johansen has the answer on The Day We Left Town EP (****)

The Fly
Further proof, if needed that North Europeans are the Kings of electro-epic, the title track is a triumphant unison of Bjork’s vital organs and Jason Spaceman’s soul

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