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radio playlists Mar. 30, 2003

Magnet on KCRW in L.A. “The Day We Left Town” has made it on to LA’s radio station KCRW.

“Clean Slate” from the new EP has immediately become a Radio One ‘Blue Room’ favourite in UK.

“The Day We Left Town” has been playlisted on BBC’s 6Music Station (which has by far the best playlist around) and Student Broadcast Network
www.sbn.co.uk has also playlisted the single.

MTV have added the video for “The Day We Left Town” to the ‘Chill-Out Zone’ program in UK.

Release date for the EP is now Monday 23rd April.

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new album completed Mar. 24, 2003

During the last week the new Magnet album ‘On Your Side’ has finally been completed. Even spent 2 days in London’s Roundhouse Studio adding final magic by recording “Lay Lady Lay” a duet with Gemma Hayes. ‘On Your Side’ is mastered on Monday at Abbey Road with Mr Mastering himself, Chris Blair. News of tracklisting and release date to follow soon – as well as some new UK live dates and Scandinavian Festival appearances.

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TDWLT review Mar. 20, 2003

The Day We Left Town ’ EP – Radar
For 27 and a half years, I have been searching for the record that I want playing when I die/fall in love/have underwater sex with Julie Delpy. The title track of this ep may well bring my quest to its end. Evan Johansen (for it is he) writes gentle, electronic tinged acoustic ballads, sung in the voice of Thom Yorke after 3 bottles of gin and tears, that overwhelm the soul with wave after wave of bittersweet joy these are the melodies that you hear in your head once the wounds have healed, and you can go back to remembering the good times you had with the girl that broke your heart. “The Day We Left Town” opens like the score to a Frank Capra film, and ends as Johansen and his lover look back at their former home as the kerosene flames engulf it. Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m taking this ep to my desert island. Really.

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jockey slut mention Mar. 7, 2003

Magnet featured in Jockey Slut’s “Slut.faves” section p.4 of March edition:

Magnet: Thom Yorke fronts The Sugarcubes. Which is good, VERY good.

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TDWLT reviews Mar. 6, 2003

Two Great ‘The Day We Left Town’ reviews already!!!

The Day We Left Town ’ EP – www.logo-magazine.com
Everybody should worship at the alter of Magnet, ‘The Day We Left Town’ sounds like an audio remake of Frank Capra’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, peopled by hand puppets and giant rabbits nicked from The Flaming Lips tour bus. ****

The Day We Left Town ’ EP – www.rock-city.co.uk
It’s a long time since music has done what this E.P has done to me, and the fact that my preference is Heavy Metal or Punk Rock only serves as testament to this most ambient and overwhelmingly enchanting 4 track masterpiece. Different to anything else I have heard in a long time I find it tough to pigeon hole, other than to say at times the beauty of ‘Radio Head’ comes to mind, but other than that this C.D is unique and already a proud treasure in my collection. Sounding like it could accompany a weepy black and white movie on a Sunday afternoon, and its by no mistake in track one that they have gone for a very old sound with a background of the softest angles humming from above. It’s delightfully happy music in a very laid back way and you could well nurse a broken heart to it’s enigmatic charm. ‘Even Johansen’ is the spine chilling genius in question and his debut album is being released in the summer, seemingly produced by god’s angels themselves. Touring as special guests to ‘Ed Harcourt’ to help promote this tangible Norwegian maverick we can only hope and prey that Radio1 feel its good enough for pop consumption. Quite simply 4 tracks of uncompromised musical genius…… Lullabies don’t and can’t get better than this. 5/5

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